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Olivier Huet

With Jean-Christophe it's 100% success,100% focus on my music and 200% human and pleasant !


Meeting Jean-Christophe allowed me to concretize a dream: releasing my first album.

He is a good producer and engineer, attentive with experience, but also a very good teacher with very good pieces of advice, humble, very committed, and above all, available!

The result is well beyond my expectations! Both in terms of audio quality and production.

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I am a singer-songwriter. I have been writing songs for about twenty years.

 I had succeeded in making my songs and yet I was not satisfied with the result.

So I met Jean-Christophe and gave him my sound files to see!

What a surprise when the songs came back to me. Everything I was missing was in place! He manipulated the frequencies like a magician, heard what I didn't!

He is also a great teacher with a humanity that I love and that, for me, is necessary to work well with someone!

Jean-Christophe has become an important and indispensable member of my team in the realization of my songs

Vital Breath

For the release of our third album, we wanted to reach the next level. We met Jean-Christophe and gave him a try and boom! everything we wanted was there. Punch, clarity and strength.

Yes, he is a very good engineer but also very human and available for listening to our ideas and vision.

Thank you! 

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