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Touches de mixage

Iroise Record

I am a producer and mixing engineer that helps independent musicians elevating their artistry. 

Hi ! My name is Jean-Christophe 

With 30 years experience in music and over 1000 shows played, I feel like I've seen it all ! But the music industry changes every day and that creates many issues, problems and doubts for artists. Most of the time, they are chasing a popular sound or trying to force things to have instant success.

With thousands of songs uploaded to streaming platforms every day, most musicians are wasting their time trying to create music that stands out.

I want to help you avoid all of that by focusing on creating outstanding songs without chasing current trends.

If you want to work with me on your next project, hit the link below so that we can get started!

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Ready to create music that inspires your audience ?

Together, we can turn months into days and get people singing your songs !

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